MOOND Panties ☽ Daily Nude - Replacing liners and pads

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Special offer

Product details

product details

Taiwan No. 1! MOOND Panties!
Absorbing menstrual blood directly
Terminating blood leakage ✦
✦ Dry and refreshing ✦


Functional fabric is made in Taiwan, highly absorbent and moisture permeable, no more stuffy peachy butt.

Inner layers are made of antibacterial & deodorant material to reduce odor


★Moisture permeable waterproof layer
: Nylon 100% / PUL
Absorbent layer: Polyester 100%
★Skin friendly moisture wicking layer: 
Nylon 82% + Spandex 18%

MOOND Panties have  passed SGS tests for antibacterial.
Less bacteria, less odor.


Utility model patent: no seam, no leaking

Traditional seam would cause the leakage on heavy flow days. Exclusive patented structure of MOOND Panties could prevent leakage and provide easy-to-clean and comfy wearing experience.


On light flow days, MOOND Panties can be completely alternative to pads

On heavy flow days,MOOND Panties can standalone by changing it,or match it with pads/tampons to reduce the usage of pads/tampons.


On heavy flow days, change after every 4-8 hours. If you don’t want to change panties too often, you can wear MOOND Panties with slim day use pads, to reduce the usage of sanitary napkins.

Easy to clean.
Both hand washable and machine washable.


MOOND Panties are made of easy-to-clean functional fiber fabric, it is recommended  that you immerse them in the water with detergent after each wear,  and then rinse it softly until the water is clean. Or use the mesh bag in the washing machine.

 ****It is recommended to wash light and dark clothes separately****


Size chart:

Daily Lace / Daily Nude:

M ( Hips 76-86 cm ), L ( Hips 86-96 cm ), XL ( Hips 96~106 cm), XXL ( Hips 106~116 cm)

Night Extra:

M ( Hips 72-82 cm ), L ( Hips 82-92 cm ), XL ( Hips 92~102 cm ), XXL ( Hips 102~112 cm )

The style of MOOND panties are quite fit, if you prefer comfy wearing, you  could choose a bigger size.

※ This is a personal hygiene product, non returnable if the package is opened.※



User reviews


Night Extra✦ Higher protected area, cover up your butt crack !

Absorbent zone is 1.5 times bigger than sanitary overnight napkin

 Daily Lace ✦ Exquisite lace, tremendous beauty!

stuffy-free in your summer

Daily Nude✦ Perfectly invisible under see-through white skirt!


1. How much fluid can MOOND panties hold?

Absorbency = 3 pads or 3 tampons


2. Can I wear it all day long?

On light flow days, you can wear it all day long without changing it. On heavy flow days, you will have to change it, approximate 2-3 panties a day. It depends on the flow.

If you don’t feel like to change panties, you could wear MOOND panties with other menstrual hygiene products such as pads and tampons, to decrease the usage of period products.


3. Would it cause inflammation or odor?

The material of MOOND panties is quick-drying and antibacterial, it won’t cause odor  or inflammation, and has passed SGS tests.


4. Could it absorb blood clots?

MOOND panties could only absorb menstrual blood. When clots are on the cloth surface, please wipe it off with tissue. By doing this, you would feel dry and comfortable.


5. How to wash it?

You can take either hand-wash or machine-wash.


6. Can I wear it without sanitary napkin?

Yes, especially when your period is light, one pair of panties is absolutely enough. When it’s heavier, approximately change 2-3 panties a day.


7. How many MOOND panties should I own?

In case  of  heavy flow, having at least 4 panties would be perfect.


8. What’s the size of MOOND panties?

Daily Lace / Daily Nude:

M ( Hips 76-86 cm ), L ( Hips 86-96 cm ), XL ( Hips 96~106 cm), XXL ( Hips 106~116 cm)

Night Extra:

M ( Hips 72-82 cm ), L ( Hips 82-92 cm ), XL ( Hips 92~102 cm ), XXL ( Hips 102~112 cm ) 

9. If it’s machine-wash would color bleed occurs?

No, absorbed menstrual blood within MOOND panties will not bleed in the machine wash. 

10. What's the difference with other menstrual panties?

Regular menstrual panties only have the function of leakage proof, MOOND panties have the function of absorption and moisture wicking. MOOND panties could be completely alternative to pads without feeling stuffy.

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