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Payment options

Thank you for your support of GoMoond !

We currently offer payment methods such as LINE Pay, credit card, ATM virtual account transfer, and UnionPay card. 

Q:"Within how many days should payment be made for the ATM virtual account?"

1.If you choose 'ATM virtual account' during checkout, the system will prompt you to select a 'bank for transfer'. Once you submit your selection, the system will generate a payment-specific 'virtual account number' for you.

2.Besides remembering the account number, the most important thing is to pay within the payment deadline (which is set to 3 days by the system).

For example, for an order placed on August 15, 2018, the payment deadline generated by the system would be August 18, 2018.


Q:What happens if this 'virtual account number' is not paid within 3 days and has expired?

Don't worry, you can simply make a new purchase and the system will provide you with a new 'ATM virtual account number' for payment. You can then make the payment again with the new virtual account number.


Shipping & delivery

Q:Shipping area range?

1. We ship to all areas of Taiwan, including Taiwan Island, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu.

2. We support overseas shipping to China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and other areas. Please select the 'International Express' shipping method in your shopping cart. For bulk orders or shipping to other areas, please contact customer service for assistance.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the post office has suspended collection and delivery to certain countries where shipping is not available. Please refer to the post office's announcement on the suspended countries.


Q:When will I receive my order?

For in-stock items, we will ship your order within three working days after you place it. Please refer to our official website announcement for more details, and feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions.


For pre-order items, please refer to the estimated shipping time indicated on the product page. All items in the same order will be shipped together when the pre-order item is ready.



Q:How can I know if my order has been shipped or not?

After your order has been shipped, you will receive a system notification indicating that it has been dispatched.

Order tracking

Q:Can I modify my order after placing it?

You can contact customer service to modify an order for in-stock items. However, for pre-order products, due to limited quantities, it is not possible to modify the items or quantities in your order.


Q:How can I cancel my order if I made a mistake?

If your order is still in "processing" status, you can cancel it by yourself. If it has already been changed to other status, please contact customer service for assistance.


Q:How can I modify the recipient's name, phone number, and address?

Please click on "Order Inquiry" at the top of the online store page, enter your "Order Number" and "Verification Code", and then you can modify the recipient's name, phone number, and address by yourself.


Q:Where can I find the "Order Number" and "Verification Code"?

Please check your email for the "Order Confirmation" email that you received when you placed your order. If you can't find it, for the sake of order information security, please provide the name and mobile phone number of the person who placed the order, and we can help you check it.



Q:About cashback points?


Used cash points cannot be refunded even if you receive a refund.


Sales & refunds

Q:Can I return the product if I am not satisfied with it after receiving it?

Online purchases are subject to a 7-day inspection period. However, as the Moon Pants are personal hygiene products, they are non-refundable after opening. Only unopened products are eligible for returns.


Q:Do you have physical stores or retail channels?

GoMoond are sold at all COSMED stores in Taiwan. If there is no inventory on the shelves, please contact the counter to place an order. For information about physical stores/other channels, please pay close attention to the latest announcements on our Facebook fan page!



Q:Can I wholesale or become a distributor overseas?

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you are interested in wholesale or overseas distribution, please contact our customer service for further information.


For more frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ section on the official website of GoMoond.




Thank you for becoming a member of our Gomoond Panties store──Member!


We want to provide more rewards and benefits to our Member, as well as help more people around us to learn and experience Gomoond Panties®. Therefore, we are introducing a new membership system for our Member, where the more you spend, the higher your membership level and the greater your rewards. You can also promote Gomoond Panties® to your friends and family and receive even more rewards!


In addition to reward points, we will also have various activities and benefits for our loyal customers from time to time. 


Member systemHere we go!

-Membership Level Table-

【How to upgrade】

Upon verification of the accumulated purchase amount within one year, the upgrade process will take about ten working days. During this period, no returns or exchanges (unopened) are allowed. After the upgrade is completed, members can enjoy the upgraded benefits on their next purchase.

           Newbie Join as a member and receive 100 points (NTD 100) as a welcome gift, which can be used immediately.

          Advanced Accumulate a total spending of NTD 3,000 within the past 365 days to upgrade to a high-level member.

          Superb Accumulate a total spending of NTD 5,000 within the past 365 days to upgrade to a super-level member.

            Mega Accumulate a total spending of NTD 12,000 within the past 365 days to upgrade to a GuMoo superhero member.


Cashback for Every Purchase

There is no limit on the amount of each purchase and all purchases are eligible for cashback rewards!


After the purchase amount is verified by the system, the cashback process takes about ten working days. Cashback rewards will be credited immediately and can be used to offset the cost of the next purchase, provided that there is no return or exchange of the item(s) within the given period (unopened items).

Newbie 3% cashback (valid for 180 days)

Advanced 5% cashback (valid for 180 days)

Superb 8% cashback (valid for 180 days)

  Mega 10% cashback (valid for 180 days)


Birthday Gift for the Celebrant

Happy birthday to you! The birthday gift will be sent to you on the 1st of your birth month. Treat yourself well on your special day!

Newbie 100 points (NTD) (valid for 30 days)

Advanced 100 points (NTD) (valid for 30 days)

Superb 200 points (NTD) (valid for 60 days)

Mega 300 points (NTD) (valid for 90 days)


Explanation of Membership Renewal Threshold

Within ten working days after the completion of shipment, the system will confirm whether the consumption order does not include the requirement of unopened returns. The system will then confirm the accumulated consumption amount of the member and update the membership status. Therefore, when the cumulative consumption reaches the renewal threshold, the qualification will take effect within ten working days.

                      Newbie Register and enjoy membership benefits immediately.

Advanced Renewal requires accumulating a minimum spending of $1500 within 365 days.

Superb Renewal requires accumulating a minimum spending of $2500 within 365 days.

Mega Renewal requires accumulating a minimum spending of $3000 within 365 days.


【Referral link The more you refer, the more you enjoy.】

Spread happiness and love!


You can also receive rewards by introducing your friends! Just log in with your personal email on the product page, click "Share this product", and share it. For any orders placed using this shared link, you will receive rewards without any extra effort.

Newbie 2% cashback (valid for 365 days)

Advanced 3% cashback (valid for 365 days)

Superb 4% cashback (valid for 365 days)

Mega 5% cashback (valid for 365 days)

rules for reward points

▲Join now and become a member of our shopping mall to enjoy exclusive benefits and deals?

Simply log in to the Gomoond panties official online store using your LINE or Facebook account to become a member, and receive 100 bonus points that can be used immediately!


The complete list of membership benefits can be found in the description below (updated as of September 1st, 2022):


Membership Level





Annual Accumulated

Spending Amount

Join to become a fan instantly

Get 100 points (NTD) as a welcome gift upon joining

The accumulated spending in the last 365 days reaches a minimum of $3,000

Cumulative spending of $5,000 within the last 365 days

Cumulative spending in the last 365 days reaches $12,000

Maximum deduction limit per single transaction

Discount up to 3% with a minimum spending of $500

Enjoy up to 5% discount for every purchase over $500

Discount up to 8% for every purchase of $500 or more

Enjoy up to 10% off on purchases over $500

Cashback for single transaction

3% cashback

5% cashback

8% cashback

10% cashback

Birthday gift for members

100 points (NTD) (valid for 30 days)

100 points (NTD)

(Valid for 30 days)

200 points (NTD)

(Valid for 60 days)

300 points (NTD)

(Valid for 90 days)

Membership renewal threshold

Join as a member and enjoy the benefits instantly

365-day accumulated spending reaches $1500

Spend over $2500 in the past 365 days

Spend over $3,000 in the last 365 days

The more you recommend, the more benefits you'll enjoy

2% valid for 365 days

3% valid for 365 days

4% valid for 365 days

5% valid for 365 days

Cash point types:

☑️Joining the membership: Get a bonus of 100 points upon joining as a member, valid for 30 days.

☑️Member Referral: While logged in as a member, click the 'Recommend' button on the product page, or go to the member's area > personal information > and set up a 'Referral Share Link' to recommend products to friends and family. If the referred person completes an order through the referral link, the referrer will receive a consumer rebate.

☑️Member Birthday: Fill out personal information in the member account to receive birthday points during the month of your birthday.

☑️Select an Activity/Coupon: Receive bonus points for purchasing products that meet the activity requirements on your order.

Effective date of bonus points accumulation:

☑️Joining the membership: Receive points immediately upon logging in as a member, which can be used directly to offset the cost of purchases.

☑️Member Birthday: Birthday points will be sent on the 1st of every month for members with birthdays in that month.

☑️Member Referral/Storewide Activities/Select an Activity/Coupon: Points obtained through marketing activities or member referrals will be converted to 'usable' points at 00:00 the day after the order status is changed to 'archived'. Members can check the order status in the member area > purchase history.

※ The above is the effective time for point accumulation. The 'valid period' for each cash point type is based on the actual system date.

Cash Point Status Explanation:

☑️Points: The current accumulated points that can be used.

☑️Available: The points from all accumulated points that have become effective but have not expired. You can click the '+' to expand the details and remind yourself to pay attention to the expiration date of each cash point usage.

☑️Used/Expired: Details of points that have been redeemed or have expired and cannot be used.

※ Other notes

☑️Activity Bonus Points: Activity points that do not meet the gift conditions in the modified order will be automatically canceled when a return is processed.

☑️Order Refund: When processing a refund, depending on the store's refund policy, the refunded amount will be converted into cash points of the same value, which can be used as a discount on the next purchase.

☑️Failed/Canceled Orders: Points used in the order will be automatically returned to the member's account when the order status is changed to "failed" or "canceled".


Welcome to the official website of "GoMoond" (hereinafter referred to as "the website"). In order to ensure that you can use the various services and information provided by the website with peace of mind, we would like to explain the website's privacy policy to you to protect your rights and interests. Please read the following content carefully

一、Scope of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy covers the content of how this website handles personal identification information collected during your use of the website's services. The Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites linked to this website, nor does it apply to individuals who are not commissioned or involved in the management of this website.

二、Collection, processing, and utilization methods of personal data

  • When you visit this website or use the functional services provided by this website, we will ask you to provide necessary personal information depending on the nature of the service, and process and utilize your personal data within the specific purpose scope. Without your consent, this website will not use your personal data for any other purposes.
  • This website will retain the name, email address, contact information, and usage time you provide when using interactive functions such as ordering services.
  • When browsing this website, the server will automatically record relevant actions, including the IP address of the connecting device, the usage time, the browser used, and the browsing and clicking data records, as a reference for us to enhance website services. This record is for internal use only and will never be disclosed to the public.
  • In order to provide accurate services, we will perform statistics and analysis on the collected questionnaire survey content. The statistical data or explanatory text of the analysis results will be presented. In addition to internal research purposes, we will disclose the statistical data and explanatory text as needed, but it will not involve specific personal information.

三、Protection of data

  • The website's servers are equipped with various information security devices such as firewalls and anti-virus systems, as well as necessary security measures to protect the website and your personal data. Strict protection measures are implemented and only authorized personnel have access to your personal data. All relevant personnel who handle your data have signed confidentiality agreements, and those who violate their confidentiality obligations will be subject to legal penalties.
  • If it is necessary to commission other units to provide services due to business needs, this website will also strictly require them to comply with confidentiality obligations, and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure that they will indeed comply.
  • To delete or modify your personal data, please contact customer service at the following website address:

四、External Links of the Website

This website provides links to other websites, and you can also click on links provided by this website to access other websites. However, the privacy policy of this website does not apply to the linked websites, and you must refer to the privacy policy of the linked websites.

五、Policy on Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

This website will never provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal information to any individual, group, private enterprise, or public agency. However, this does not apply if there is a legal basis or contractual obligation to do so.

The circumstances of the above paragraph, including but not limited to:

  • With your written consent.
  • Explicit legal provisions.
  • To exempt you from danger to life, body, freedom, or property.
  • We may collaborate with government agencies or academic research institutions based on public interest for statistical or academic research purposes, and the data has been processed or collected by the provider in a manner that makes it impossible to identify specific individuals based on the disclosure method.
  • In case your behavior on the website violates the terms of service or may harm or obstruct the rights of the website and other users or cause harm to any person, the website management may disclose your personal information for the purpose of identification, contact, or taking legal action after analyzing the situation.
  • beneficial to your interests.
  • When this website entrusts vendors to assist in collecting, processing, or using your personal information, it will fulfill its responsibility to supervise and manage the outsourced vendors or individuals.

六、Use of Cookies

To provide you with the best service, this website will place and access our cookies on your computer. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can set the privacy level to high in the function options of the browser you are using to refuse cookie writing. However, this may cause some functions of the website to not perform properly.

七、Amendments to Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this website may be revised at any time to meet the needs, and the revised terms will be posted on the website.