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TWD $1,880

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Special Offer

Product details

Do you want to avoid these awkward situations when your period comes?

✖️ Sanitary pads + underwear + pants = uncomfortably hot
✖️ Sanitary pads don't adhere well and often shift or leak
✖️ Excessive flow can result in staining clothes, bedsheets, sofas, and office chairs

GoMoond Period Panties™  Liberate Your Menstrual Body

Whether you're doing yoga, jogging, hiking,
or simply at home binge-watching, cleaning,
or even going camping, having a picnic,
GoMoond Period Panties™, both the long and short versions, will be your perfect companions

Replace panty liners on regular days and sanitary pads during your period

Switch to GoMoond Period Panties™ during exercise: Feel free and comfortable during your workout sessions
Switch to GoMoond Period Panties™ when you get home: Be a carefree couch potato without any leaks
Whether you're heading to the gym or coming home after work, simply put on Moon Active Pants™. If your usual sanitary pad usage is less than 3 pads within the intended wearing time, you can confidently wear GoMoond Period Panties™ alone and enjoy several hours of complete freedom from sanitary pads.


Go out and have fun with a smile on your face, seamlessly blending into your everyday style


A slim fit design that elongates your legs, while providing a comfortable and functional fabric suitable for both sports and leisure activities. It ensures a flattering look without emphasizing the shape of the crotch area

GoMoond Period Panties™ gives you the most breathable period experience

It also features advanced antibacterial and leak-proof design for maximum peace of mind

🌕 Patented reverse fold edge leak-proof technology ensures no worries about seam leakage
🌕 The thread is treated with antibacterial properties, allowing for worry-free use without any limitations on the number of washes
🌕 With a thickness of less than 0.02mm, the hiking and waterproof breathable film provides excellent breathability without feeling hot or stuffy
🌕 Antibacterial and odor-reducing properties prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odors

GoMoond Period Panties - Three Considerate Designs of the Blood Absorbing Shorts

1. V-shaped cut for elongated legs
2.Inner pocket for storing keys and small items
3. Blood-absorbing bat-shaped reflective label on the hem for nighttime safety protection

GoMoond Period Panties - 5 Key Features of the Blood Absorbent Long Pants

1.X-shaped seams for flattering leg silhouette
2. Seamless blood-absorbing area, no panty lines
3. Extra-large absorption area, exceeding 30 centimeters in width
4.Mesh fabric on the back waist to facilitate moisture and heat dissipation, especially prone to sweating
5. Side pockets on both legs with sufficient depth and elasticity to hold a mobile phone

Water-resistant, moisture-wicking properties

Ultra-thin mountaineering-grade waterproof layer, thickness <0.02mm

Rapid moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable without feeling hot or stuffy

Incorporating zinc ion antibacterial treatment into the yarn

The antibacterial efficacy is not reduced by the number of washes, providing peace of mind whether worn at home, outdoors for a full day, or even when changing at the gym

Antibacterial and odor-resistant, with long-lasting durability even after multiple washes!

Passed Intertek testing with special long-lasting antibacterial yarn. Moisture-wicking and maintains antibacterial functionality even after multiple washes

Instant absorption and skin-friendly, with antibacterial treatment!

Instantly absorbs surface moisture, with a delicate and skin-friendly fabric. Antibacterial treatment prevents bacteria growth, and it has passed SGS testing for various bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, ensuring a worry-free experience!

Super lightweight and thin design for breathability and comfort, avoiding any stuffiness or heat buildup

GoMoond Period Panties™ are specially designed for the humid and hot climate in Taiwan, using high-quality and lightweight fabric. They ensure that wearing period pants is no longer heavy and stuffy

Patented structural design prevents leakage, providing you with a comfortable and worry-free period experience#

GoMoond Period Panties™ have been awarded patents in Taiwan, Japan, the European Union, and China. They feature an exclusive patented edge folding technique that effectively prevents leakage and solves your concerns about external leakage

GoMoond Period Panties™ feature an ultra-large absorption area that surpasses traditional sanitary pads by 20%.

BloodSorb Shorts: The crotch area is widened, providing an extra 9 cm of coverage

BloodSorb Long Pants: With a fan-shaped cut, the back width extends up to 30 cm

Wide coverage for menstrual blood absorption, no need to position sanitary pads in a T-shape anymore

GoMoond Period Panties has achieved sales exceeding 300,000 units

continue to be hot sellers in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and North America

GoMoond Period Panties™ have received positive reviews and recommendations from a large number of test wearers#

GoMoond Period Panties™ offer a snug fit, excellent elasticity, anti-sheer properties, lightweight design, and cooling breathability

Let the washing machine do the laundry for you!

Simply place it in a laundry bag and toss it into the washing machine for cleaning. Just make sure not to use laundry detergents that contain fabric softeners

2017年 谷慕慕®GoMoond® 團隊成立


2018 年 推出台灣第一件吸血內褲品牌 月亮褲®

熱賣至今超過 30 萬件,外銷到日本、香港、北美等市場,改善許多人的生活體驗。

2019 年 谷慕慕® 遠赴美國參與世界月經大會


2020 年 月亮褲® 推出台灣第一件吸血短褲

「月亮褲® 運動款」現身,平口四角褲型,讓不喜歡三角褲的人,也能開心穿上吸血褲。

2021 年 月亮褲® 挺防疫第一線 捐出3335件月亮褲®

疫情最嚴峻的 5~6 月,用輕薄的月亮褲®為疫情第一線的醫事人員(醫師/護理師/機場/檢疫人員)緩解在隔離衣中的經期不適。

2022 年 3 月 谷慕慕® 出版臺灣生理用品發展歷程專書


2022 年 5 月 谷慕慕® 開辦亞洲第一場「月經狂歡節」


2022 年 9 月 谷慕慕® 出版臺灣原創月經教育漫畫

《來去子宮!青春期初經寶典》一書透過群眾集資專案,集眾人之力將書與教具組送至全台灣 1303 間小學

2022 年 11 月 月亮褲® 推出台灣第一件吸血長褲&吸血短褲





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• 商品退換條件:
• 如您訂單內含附加的贈品需一併退回,贈品等同一般商品,請保持贈品的品質與完整性。
• 商品寄至海外後恕不提供退換貨服務。


TWD $1,880


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