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TWD $980

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Product details

GoMoond Period Panties | Daily New colors back in stock!

Fans: 10% off for a single item, 15% off for two items ~ Valid until 7/10.


Summer is here!
Wear GoMoond Period Panties® - the skin-friendly and breathable minimalist | everyday clothing
Free yourself from uncomfortable heat during menstruation!

Always worried about menstrual leaks and getting rashes from sanitary pads?

Already tired of the pain during menstruation, and now you have to deal with washing pants and cleaning chair cushions too?


How I wish for a peaceful coexistence with menstruation!

GoMoond Period Panties® - Minimalist | Everyday, four key highlights
1. Equivalent to the absorption of 3 sanitary pads
The pants have a bottom thickness of only 0.1 cm, which is 1/4 of regular sanitary pads, yet they have a remarkable absorption capacity of up to 3 times more! (On average, each person's menstrual period lasts for 3-7 days, with a total blood volume ranging from approximately 33ml to 50ml.)
2. Utilizing Japanese EKS deodorizing yarn and Tencel cotton fabric, the pants offer a skin-friendly, cool, and deodorizing sensation
The pants are made with a blend of Tencel cotton and Japanese EKS deodorizing yarn, utilizing their high moisture absorption properties. This allows moisture to quickly pass through the fibers, achieving a moisture-wicking effect that helps keep you dry and comfortable
3. 100% Made in Taiwan, using mountaineering-grade functional fabrics. We carefully select lightweight and breathable mountaineering-grade functional fabrics, and the entire manufacturing process takes place in Taiwan.
4. Simply wash and air dry for reuse
You can put the pants in a laundry bag and machine wash them, or you can also hand wash them. Say goodbye to sanitary pads!

GoMoond Period Panties® - Minimalist | Everyday 

You can machine wash the GoMoond Period Panties® in a laundry bag or gently hand wash them by rubbing. After washing, it is recommended to turn them inside out and air dry to speed up drying. Once cleaned and dried, they are ready for another round of use!


No more unpleasant odors in the bathroom trash bin, and you won't have to chase the garbage truck every day during your period. Embrace a waste-free menstrual life with GoMoond Period Panties®!

Washing Recommendation: Avoid excessive twisting, pulling, or stretching. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, dry cleaning agents, or hot water for washing

For detailed washing instructions, please refer to the FAQ section or product packaging

Always worried about whether your period will come or go? Anxious about sudden heavy flow attacks?
GoMoond Period Panties® has developed different styles of absorbent pants to fully accompany you throughout your menstrual cycle! 

For everyday use:

Experience the light and breathable sensation, no more worries about hot and stuffy days. Say goodbye to the frustration of insufficient absorption from white cotton pads. Feel at ease while waiting for your period to arrive and bid a relaxed farewell to menstruation


For nighttime use:

The rear absorption area extends upwards, providing extra peace of mind when lying in bed and sleeping


For increased absorption during the day or night, be prepared to confidently tackle heavy menstrual flow. It will give you a worry-free day and ensure a clean bedsheet for you!


With GoMoond Period Panties® - Minimalist | Everyday, you can directly replace the need for three sanitary pads. Wear them comfortably and confidently throughout the day


With a maximum instant absorption of 10ml, you no longer have to worry about leaks during those heavy flow days. Say goodbye to the constant fear and enjoy peace of mind!


月亮褲® 產品 PFAS 檢測全數通過,請安心選購!

GoMoond Period Panties® - Minimalist | Everyday 

The absorbent layer of GoMoond Period Panties® - Minimalist | Everyday is made from high-quality functional fabric manufactured in Taiwan, while the overall thickness of the pants is only 0.1cm. (Thinner than a one-dollar coin!)


In the humid and hot weather of Taiwan, GoMoond Period Panties® believes in providing a more comfortable period experience with its ultra-thin, delicate, and breathable material. Enjoy your period with a complete sense of comfort!

The globally unique purple-colored skin-friendly layer allows for easy visual assessment of the absorption status

With a bacterial inhibition rate of 99.9%, GoMoond Period Panties® effectively suppresses bacterial growth, significantly reducing odor.


The innovative purple-colored fabric of the skin-friendly layer in GoMoond Period Panties® provides a delicate and smooth touch with its subtly purple hue that doesn't reveal redness, allowing you to easily assess the absorption status of menstrual blood at a glance!

Zinc ion antibacterial absorption layer

Preventing odor and bacteria growth, protecting you during your menstrual cycle!

Ultra-thin dual-function waterproof layer

A waterproof film of mountaineering jacket level, with a thickness of less than 0.02mm, provides waterproof protection while allowing rapid evaporation of moisture to keep the intimate area dry and comfortable!


Arch bridge structure design

By utilizing the gaps in the fabric, the pants facilitate faster evaporation of moisture, ensuring that the bottom area remains fresh and comfortable at all times


If you are accustomed to using sanitary pads in conjunction with GoMoond Period Panties®, you can stick the wings beneath the absorbent layer. The pants provide additional support to secure the wings in place, and from the outside, it is not noticeable that you are wearing sanitary pads

GoMoond Period Panties® exclusive patented seam folding leak-proof technology
No leakage of menstrual blood, providing a worry-free wearing experience!

How to choose the size of GoMoond Period Panties® - Minimalist | Everyday


While standing sideways, find the highest point of your buttocks (the fullest part). Take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it smoothly around your hips to measure your hip circumference


SGS certification has been obtained for the purple fabric skin-friendly layer
Effective antibacterial treatment prevents bacterial growth, significantly reducing odor. SGS certification has confirmed a 99.9% antibacterial rate, providing you with a peace of mind while using it!
(Including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans)

The ultra-thin mountaineering-grade waterproof layer has passed the certification of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

This type of material is commonly found in high-end mountaineering jackets. GoMoond Period Panties® continues to uphold its commitment to quality by incorporating mountaineering-grade functional fabrics into period pants, aiming to provide everyone with the best period experience possible


The quick-drying waterproof layer ensures that the bottom of the pants stays fresh and comfortable. Whether you're at home or out and about, you can wear them worry-free all day long!

Since its launch in 2018, GoMoond Period Panties® has sold over 300,000 units, revolutionizing the menstrual experience for thousands of people and receiving positive reviews and recommendations. The team continually strives to understand users' needs and improve the product, aiming to meet various demands with each new release and provide a more comfortable menstrual period experience.


All GoMoond Period Panties® products have successfully passed PFAS testing

GoMoond Period Panties® conducts testing on different manufacturing processes to ensure product safety. For materials without fluorine, we use the "total fluorine content" testing method, and the results have all passed. For materials containing fluorine, we conduct testing on each PFAS-listed component individually, and the results have also passed

We always adhere to our original intention of providing safe and comfortable menstrual products for consumers. Please feel assured when purchasing and using our products ❤️!

2017年 谷慕慕®GoMoond® 團隊成立


2018 年 推出台灣第一件吸血內褲品牌 月亮褲®

熱賣至今超過 30 萬件,外銷到日本、香港、北美等市場,改善許多人的生活體驗。

2019 年 谷慕慕® 遠赴美國參與世界月經大會


2020 年 月亮褲® 推出台灣第一件吸血短褲

「月亮褲® 運動款」現身,平口四角褲型,讓不喜歡三角褲的人,也能開心穿上吸血褲。

2021 年 月亮褲® 挺防疫第一線 捐出3335件月亮褲®

疫情最嚴峻的 5~6 月,用輕薄的月亮褲®為疫情第一線的醫事人員(醫師/護理師/機場/檢疫人員)緩解在隔離衣中的經期不適。

2022 年 3 月 谷慕慕® 出版臺灣生理用品發展歷程專書


2022 年 5 月 谷慕慕® 開辦亞洲第一場「月經狂歡節」


2022 年 9 月 谷慕慕® 出版臺灣原創月經教育漫畫

《來去子宮!青春期初經寶典》一書透過群眾集資專案,集眾人之力將書與教具組送至全台灣 1303 間小學

2022 年 11 月 月亮褲® 推出台灣第一件吸血長褲&吸血短褲



TWD $980


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